SubD subdivision and insertEdge strategies

Hi everyone!

I need a suggestion about some subD modeling strategies.
I have this shape with which I’m fully satisfied:

However, I have to model the windows and other oppenings to get something similar to this:

I used insertEdge command to make additional subdivisions. Problem with this approach is the window parapet height and positioning. They are defined by heihgtline and beam/ribs disposition.To achieve that I had to subdivide the subD and I got this:

However, this looks too rigid, where in fact I wanted to create something more dynamic and playfull. Additional problem is making two big windows on the left side. With this level of subdivision they become rectangular, and I want them to be round.

There must be some sort of compromise between those two shapes.
All suggestions are appreciated.
Here’s a sketch.


Platak_zaforum.3dm (12.9 MB)

Can you also use NURBS? The original overall shape could be converted to NURBS using ToNURBS, and the windows modeled in the desired locations witht he desired shapes using NURBS. If desired the windows could start as individual SubD objects, located as desired. Then convert to NURBS and join / blend as desired.


use the Inset command, example:

Is there a way to insert edge without distorting the initial shape?
I believe that would help.

This method makes valleys in the initial shape which I don’t like. If the curvature was preserved, that would be perfect.

No, this is not possible. You should insert points rather than edges. In other words use InsertPoint command or Bevel command. Your second image almost certainly was made either with the help of the Bevel command or Inset > Group command.

I would use the Bevel command, then Gumball to make the bumps around windows, and finally I would make holes in the middle of the bumps by deleting faces. Each hole would be another window. If you want to make perfectly rectangular windows, you have to convert SubD to NURBS and make the rectangular holes in the NURBS.

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try locking the editing points you want to keep in place.

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How do you lock edit points?

SubD precision editing: feature request - Rhino / SubD - McNeel Forum

It does not work. I ran EditPtOn, Lock, InsertEdge. InsertEdge changed the shape of my SubD.

None of the above worked for me. In the end I just inserted points and edges and then remodeled/tweaked the whole thing. Result is good, it just takes soo long to get the shape right.
Thanks everyone!

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