Subd stitch - no edge selection indication?

When I’m using stitch on two edges that are coincident, I can’t tell which one is selected first vs second. I think it should show arrows along the edge that is being selected, like when using matchsrf.


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Yep. +1, all it needs is an arrow indicator to the face centre in question.

Thanks for the feedback, I filed this as a while back and have added your votes to hopefully bump it’s priority. In the example you described either order of selection should give the same result but I agree it would be best to show which edge is which while selecting.

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The alternative to the ‘visual indication’ would be that you are restricted from picking the edge that you picked first again. As this seems slightly illogical anyway, really.

In theory, there could be more than 2 edges to choose from, so probably better to indicate with arrows, right?

Oh for sure, I totally agree there.