SubD split surfaces from mirrorline


Just started to use subD and need some help.

I want to get edge to the mirrorline.

I used Insert subd edge loop and used edges next to and used mid to show where I want it.
This command works only on darker side of the mirror. Why?

It makes this. Why? And why It does not do it in to the top surface at all?

I chose the loop and used setpt to mirror line.

Now I want to join small surfaces to get clean ones. I used merge.
Now it works only on brighter side of the mirror. Why?
That is what I want but the top surface is still single one.

No idea how to cut it. Tried extrude and loft and… No success. :frowning:

I’m very beginner of the subD and I have to use time to watch more tutorials but this is something I need to work with right now… Maybe I have had totally wrong commands :smiley:
Thanks already :wink:

Ok, I got the top surface to two pieces. I tried the same but only top surface and the left side of the mirror.
So top surface works from the left side and rest only from right side :open_mouth:

All the surfaces has been extruded at the same time using gumball.

Maybe there was something I made stupid way but at least now I can go on with this…

EDIT: It did bad surfaces. Actually 3 surfaces, left, right and tiny to the middle. :frowning: