SubD split at fake crease/groove problem

Hello everyone,

so I modeled this chair back with subD-tools and created a little fake crease:

Now I want to split the back to have two seperate parts.
But everytime I do this, the corners get pushed upwards.

What would be the correct technique to split it?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the bad english!

ChairBack.3dm (66.2 KB)

blank file

Oh, wow. Sorry. Updated it.

Hello - use Split > EdgeLoop - does that get you what you need?




No, when I use Split → EdgeLoop on the highlighted Loop the Surfaces get distracted like above

The second method worked. Thank you!
Did you change anything in the model for the first method?

Hello - does this make sense with what you are looking for?


didn’t change

Did you add any EdgeLoop.
I still get a bad result.

ChairBack_Split.3dm (94.5 KB)

Hello - I think it looks OK - maybe I am splitting on a different loop - it may also be that because I am using a more recent, in house version at the moment, that some bug was fixed.
ChairBack_Split_PG.3dm (100.0 KB)


Joined your surface and split it again at the same loop, which gives me the same disturbed result.

Maybe it actually is a bug.
Strange it works for @inju tho…

One last question. How do I add a loop right in the middle like this:

Select the bad edges and run RemoveCrease command on the edges.

That solved it. Thank you!


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