SubD Remove / Add Crease one button instead of two

In true Rhino fashion shouldn’t the SubD Remove / Add Crease buttons be just one single button with a right click option instead of two separate buttons?

I know I can customize toolbars but that’s not the point…


Love this!!!

But the icon should change accordingly.

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Changing the icon would be confusing. The “Add crease” icon is just right. It can accommodate a secondary “Remove crease” function.

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Hi Martin - Yeah… it is a push and pull between trying to put new stuff in users’ faces as much as possible, and consolidating, but yeah, I hear you. I think all the SubD toolbar arrangement will be more consolidated overall in V8 - we are just getting to a point where editing all of this in V8 is becoming more tractable.



Martin speaks about it, one icon two funtions add/remove.
I have applied this very early, because two icons are very irritating.

In contrast, I find one icon for _InsertEdge > Type= Loop/Ring misleading.
Especially as a newcomer it leads to confusion.

The “Insert edge > Ring” tool is very confusing, because it works in a totally different way than the similarly named command in all the other 3d programs. The “Insert edge > Ring” tool in Rhino’s SubD does what the “Connect edges” tool does in 3DS Max. However, the latter is able to connect these edges AND add as many segments as the user wants. “Insert edge > Ring” should be capable to use these 4 interconnected edges to create new ring edges with user-defined number along the length of the former:

I deleted the “Remove crease” icon since I have it assigned as a RMB command to the “Add crease” icon. Also, I swapped several icons with my own versions that appear more natural to the eyes (still not perfect, though), because the original icons are way too dark, small and difficult to understand and remember. Also, their visual style does not correspond to the simple yet memorable classic Rhino icons.

PS: Looks like my SubD toolbar lacks a “Revolve” icon… :smiley:

For some reason Windows 10 will not render correctly my icons at 4K with 200% scaling:

SubD Plane 2
SubD Box
SubD Cylinder 4
SubD Torus
SubD Cone
SubD Truncated cone
SubD MultiPipe

To create those icons, I used actual SubD geometry that I captured in higher resolution and then added a black border in a free graphics program called Paint.NET (