SubD Question - How to Make Symmetric via MultiPipe or?

After putting it off for a long time - a beginning to get acquainted with SubD workflows, and I have to say it is pretty great, once some of the initial concepts sink in.

Something I’m struggling to understand about the way that SubD “thinks” is evidenced by this issue :

… say I’m trying to create some radially symmetric geometry via the MultiPipe operation based on a PolarArrayed curve like this :

Any way that I’ve approached it - my results end up with some unwanted bi-lateral symmetry - like this :

Searches suggested the Radiate command - but in use that just appears to generate a polar arrayed version of a single SubD, rather than a joined surface.

Examining the SubD polygon structure - it’s evidently not equi-radial, would a differently aligned source geometry help? I would have thought that an 8 way division wouldn’t be too troublesome for the quadrilateral methodology, but clearly there’s a flaw in my understanding how to approach.

Radial_SubD_Multipipe.3dm (96.0 KB)

  1. clean up your curves, you have lots of curves on top of eachother, particularly the vertical curve.

  2. make it in two parts, multipipe the bottom curves, then multi pipe the vertical curve

  3. add an edge so you can select faces and delete them.

  4. stitch the open edges together.

the bottom part has 16 edges, so your vertical pipe will need to have 16 edges as well to match.

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Thank you Kyle - this is helping a lot in getting me on the right track.

I’m still not clear on all the points though, is this what you mean by add an edge to create a hole :


What I’m doing doesn’t get me to this -


My InsertEdge attempts remain stuck to the point circled (because it’s a loop?)

… and not clear how using multipipe on the vertical curve segment can achieve the polygonal shape, (easy to generate otherwise but am curious how you’re approaching it)


I did that with insert point myself as there is no good place to drag an edge.


I used subdivide a few times to get the vertical edge count, then deleted the un necessary horizontal edges

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Aha! Thanks again Kyle, yes that was also my unrecognized obstacle - once again I’m reminded how the learning process amounts to expanding the event horizon of ones own ignorance. The more you know you don’t know!

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