Subd Pull into entity

Subdivision surface oper

ation axis black dots pulled into a solid

your post is a bit shy of words, is there any question? if so maybe you could explain just a little bit more what you need

I think that what @xkdsofa is asking, in his usual staccato style, is for the sub-d plane to turn solid - just like it happens to nurbs and meshes. It can be “work-around’ed” by copy/pasting the object in place before extruding, and then join the original to the newly extruded part, but that can be a little cumbersome when doing models with the “paper doll method”.
HTH, Jakob

thanks @Normand for translating that, i am a bit fogged recently, i assumed it has something to do with getting to a solid but i did not understand all the drawings.

testing it now with extrude and the gumball extrude it does makes sense but then i wonder, why is there no solid extrude for subd? also why does ExtrudeSubD have no solid option? i never noticed since i dont use subd extrude that often, subd in general not that often.

in that case OffsetSubD does have an option solid, but the two others should either imo.

@Trav maybe we need a solid option for extrude command and for the gumbalextrude like cmd plus pull for instance, not sure if that is something many may use then, or did you leave it because it makes too little sense?

That’s it. I just want to pull the subdivision plane into entities, like offset subdivisions into entities

I agree, it’s inconsistent from the way we handle other objects such as meshes and surfaces.

It would seem that if the entire SubD object is selected, not any of of its sub objects, then the result here would be a solid like the others. I wrote it up. RH-81523

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