SubD precision editing: feature request

I’m trying to fit a SubD object’s vertices and edges to some precise points and curves. I can move a vertex to its desired position, but when I move the next vertex along the edge to its position, the first one moves off its point. Re-move the first one and the second one moves off its point. Even if the designated points mark an earlier set of vertex positions, getting back to them is tedious, repetitive and inefficient.

Could we have a SubD feature that will temporarily lock SubD vertices to positions (or to points at those positions if necessary) so that moving adjacent vertices does not disturb the parts already set in place? This would make precision modelling in SubD more achievable.


This could probably be done with Kangaroo

Try Lock on Edit Pts (EditPtOn) or Control Pts, use Unlock to unlock them. I mostly use Pull and Align > To Curve with SubD edges or points for more precision and mating with existing geometry. That might be helpful in your case.

Thank you Brian, helpful advice.

Thank you for the suggestion Martin.