SubD: Possible subD object selection bugs

Hello All,

Noticing some strange selection behavior for subD objects in certain commands and workflows.

Scenario 1: Crossing Box Crossing Window Selections

When Selecting objects form clicking and dragging from left to right the entire SubD object is always selected. This is especially apparent when turning on and selecting control/edit points.

Scenario 2:

Selecting SubDs as the target object for “Pull” command. When picking the subD as the target for the ull command on the the edges are selected…only was to get the command to execute correctly is to window select the whole subD. This sometimes inadvertently selects other objects. Select crossing does not select the entire subD object if it intersects the crossing window (the opposite of the intended behavior). My workaround has been to save the subd as a saved selection.

Note: everything works fine with the “Project” command…The subD will select as the input target with a single click.

I sometimes use the pull command to pull subD edit points to a higher res res subd of the same object (Somewhat like a shrink wrap) or to pull Nurbs control points to a bud from which it was created.

File in question attached.
Corvettet tutorial 003.3dm (4.6 MB)

Hello - in Pull, the behavior is analogous to how it behaves with a brep - the command assummes all faces if the brep is preselected and allows face by face selection if not. As far as I know this is as expected.

The red lines are the result of Pull of the white line to the entire Brep with pre-selection:

`Project’ has a single direction so it is clearer what is going on…


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Thanks Pascal. That makes perfect sense. It hadn’t occurred to me to pre-select the target object first. Works perfectly.