Subd pixelated? different?

have been working with a subd in wip and for some reason it just converted into some crazy looking aztec shaped mesh and i can’t work with it… in render mode it looks nuts

please help

i somehow had a .bak file that was still intact. I guess what I ended up doing was opening in rhino 6 which then somehow converts it … so as long as you dont save it while in 6, you should be good… i guess since i have 5, 6,7 on my computer its an issue when 6 is default opening…


Beste would be if you can post the file here.

One thing I’d check first is how far from world orign this object is.
It kind of looks like an issue that can be related to objects being very far from the origin, causing rounding errors in the large numbers that define the geometry.

What if you move it close to the origin?


I think it was the rhino 6 thing. However, my new question is how I can convert my subd into a meshy mesh with lots of triangles? possible?

@zale_orcid extractrendermesh is one way

@Gijs where did you go! :frowning:

Thank youuuu, that’s pretty much what I’m looking for… it’s a long story… but this works! THANK YOU