SubD pipe command request

as long as you have the base mesh, I thinks that one is more like “inset” + “Shell” then SubDiv rather than pipe?

Thank you @DanielPiker for the MultiPipe. Doing everything I was looking for when I requested a SubD pipe command. And I’m blown away by the speed and functionality delivered. Great work!


how do I do a subd pipe in Grasshopper?

Well, that’s good timing. It actually just became available.
If you are in v7 with your Update Frequency set to Service Candidate, get the latest download and it will appear under the Surface>SubD tab.

Here’s an example file showing the inputs: (107.2 KB)


@DanielPiker Nice! The new SubD tools are really neat. Love SubD fuse as well.
To MultiPipe: Amazing that it can can handle know so many struts in one node, also like the approach with the the size points, way quicker to use like that.
I wanted to ask if you consider also implementing mesh quads into MultiPipe (like one could use them in Fattener) I think being albe to close some of the spaces in between by using simple meshes would really nice in terms of design freedom. Also the different typ of caps where nice in Fattener

Hi @Christian_Schmidts
Thanks, glad to hear that.
Yes, in some future release MultiPipe will also allow faces as input. It’s more complex than for the old Fatten component though, since now nodes aren’t always radial about a single axis.
I’m thinking this will also be one possible way to handle the tricky case of near tangent curves -

and yes - some cap options would be good (either as part of MultiPipe, and/or a separate Cap component to also work on other SubD objects).


Great to hear! I was assuming that it takes a different approach than Fattener and possibly becoming more complex. Just made some more tests and I think multi strut nodes look definitely better than in any other tool we had before!

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I missed the cap options from the old version so I did my best to recreate them with native GH components.

Definition and clustered version here: A twofer: Multipipe Cap. SubD from Mesh crease options

I’m pretty I got my tree management right so it works with single and multiple inputs, but I’m not 100% sure.

Hi @DanielPiker
I have a project for which I need Multipipe to allow faces, just as you described, but I have not seen this feature included yet in the last release. Is there any chance it will come soon ?