SubD performance

i have a scene with a ton of files and everything runs smooth, but ever since i have created 3 wirery table stands with maybe 20 curves the viewport performance changed drastically. i did not notice at first since i am used to have laggy performance working with bigger scenes.

but these 3 subd’s are really very insignificantly small produced with multipipe. right now i was trying to get behind what is dragging it down and as soon as i hid them the performance normalised. i copied the objects into a new file to see how it behaved and it really feels a bit heavy, is that a known issue?
in flat mode it performs normal.

i can pm the objects if needed.

You’ll need to post the model if you want anyone to see if they can figure it out.


its a large and sensitive file, if you want i can send an extract via pm is that ok?

Not to me. I’m busy with the phones and I don’t use the SubD tools.
You could send it to with a description.
Kyle is working Email tech and is the SubD guy.