SubD patch with crease

I’m pretty new to SubD and feel that this question probably has a SUPER simple answer but I can’t seem to find the best way to solve it. What is the best way to patch these holes without moving the edge line? I want to patch the open area flat and keep the crease.

Hello- Cap > Crease = Yes will do what I think you want.


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That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you Pascal! What would be the best way to patch this type of hole:

I’ll be damned. Yet another completely unclear command (like the wording of ‘InsertPoint’) that is incredibly useful.

I still think with subD you need to be able to set Crease in Fill. Can you please add this? Why does SubD Fill not already have an option to crease?

oof… that is really messy…

you can stitch the points together as needed to close that up, but I’d do a little clean up and delete some edges 1st…You have a lot of unnecessary edges you can get rid of.

Look at these edges and play with what you can get rid of. and what you can stitch to what…

use the crease command to re-add the crease.

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