Subd object split problem

Hello guys. I am new to this forum. I am encountering a problem here like attached in the pictures.
basically the result I want to achieve is after splitting the subd objects (1 split into 2) will look the same like before splitting. but I only got the result is that the sharp corner like these.

this might be a very basic or simple question but I have no where to ask for help. I am not sure what I did miss out during the process. much appreciate if any one of you could just simply guide me. have a nice one out there.

Hi @user818
Look in the command prompt for the command. See the option for SharpCorners=Yes? Set that to SharpCorners=No and you should be all good :slight_smile:
HTH, Jakob

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Thank you Jakob. yes I tried to set the SharpCorners = no. but it didn’t work either. now I had the answer already. after splitting. I have to removecrease for the 2 objects borders individually, and they will look the same as before.

anyway. thank you for your kind help. have a nice one Jakob.

I think you just need to update Rhino 7 to the latest service release. In Rhino 7 for Windows use the Options command > Updates and Statistics > Service Release frequency > Check Now.

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