SubD Multipipe NodeSize Influence

In the attached file the “base branch diameter” NodeSize influences the size of “end branch diameter” (and vice versa). I want to set the two NodeSizes independently of each other and not have one influence the other and I cannot sort out what I am doing wrong.

Thanks for any help with this.
subD branch polar, (17.8 KB)

I split the three branches once and used the mid points instead of the end points which causes less interpolation.

Try this:

subD branch polar, (30.6 KB)

Thanks Martin for that suggestion. I appreciate the help! It does add a level of control which I will study, but in this scenario the blend and NodeSize are also dependent on the length of the base line which I will need to overcome. I am trying to achieve the smoothest blend at the intersection of the branches while keeping the diameters at the ends to fixed numbers. I thought I had this working at one point but can’t seem to find my way back to that most simple implementation.

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subD branch (17.1 KB)


I think the simplest way to achieve this now is to control the size of the central node directly.
That way the top ends and the bottom end can have their size altered without affecting each other.

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Thanks Daniel. But when I change that middle node size both ends sizes are also affected. Feels like I am missing something?

Try this: (24.3 KB)

Thanks Martin. Another interesting way to control this, but too complicated for my application. I am going to be developing a number of these multipipe shapes and it needs to be dead simple. I thought I understood that the end node sizes could be set and Multipipe would just interpolate between them. that simplicity is what I am trying to get to. I don’t understand where the size influence is coming from…

Maybe @DanielPiker can explain how the interpolation works?

Here is an example (starting at 12:15 of this video) of exactly the relationship between setting the beginning NodeSize and ending NodeSize that I am trying to achieve. Changing the one does not affect the other in their example, but it does in mine.