SubD matching edges

Hi guys!

I’m working with a model created in zbrush that we no longer have access to. I’m using quadremesh but when trying to do it with the whole body doesn’t create enough detail in the face. The way I split the face from the head to get the level of detail I need won’t allow me to stitch both subds together as I’m dealing with 318 vs 215 edges. Any sugestions on how to approach this?

You will have to add or remove edges, or make triangles,

this is a great chart for how to resolve edge mismatching- I keep this on my desktop and refer to it often.

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Dear @JBAngel
@theoutside … yeah the good old polygon tables, shared many times but the original authors link disappeard. there is some “replica” Polygon Table

to find more stuff like this search for “subdivision modeling topology”

but as you maybe just want a fast way:
delete one ring to get a gap between the two edges.
add a few
the remaining holes:

if you do it with a few bridges and 318 against 215

use triangular as pattern / option for the fill command
(you can fill all holes at once by selecting one edge per hole)

only at those areas, where you adapt / sculpt / modify your object, you may want to clean up the triangles a bit, or introduce the stepping stucture from Kyle s post.

or just delete a few edges to get quads:

hope this helps - kind regards - tom

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, yes… tedious but effective. nice example, thanks for sharing.

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Yep, sounds tedious but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Thanks a lot for the input, guys @theoutside and @Tom_ . That was a lot of help!