SubD Match Edge Feature Request

Hey guys!
I was wondering if there is a way that we can use Bridge command in SubD with curves as well and not only with mesh edges or subd edges?
Maybe there should be some sort of command that does this separately, maybe “Match Edge” or “Match Curve”.

This is a video demonstrating what I’m trying to say:



Thanks @dusancv for the request. I’m sure many would find it useful. I filed it here RH-56679. Unfortunately at the moment I don’t have any better solution for you than what you show on the video.

Hi - Maybe a slightly faster workaround would be to copy the target curve away from the SubD object, selecting both curves and lofting these to a SubD object. Then bridge the edges.


Thanks Wim! Yes, I had this in mind as well. I tried that approach as well. This can work with a small number of polygons when I have the control of creating a supplementary subD object with the exact amount of polygons and then use bridge comand, but what if I have a very big amount of polygons, then I would need to manually try to count them, then try to recreate that temp subD etc. It’s really taking a lot longer time and in my particular use cases, I would need to manually change a lot of these elements. That’s what I’m doing now, that’s what made me think that there must be a faster way to do this.

Thanks Jussi! Looking forward to the future implementation of this feature.

This reminds me of how BlendSrf still can’t blend from an edge to a curve. I mean, we know it can, but we have to extrude the curve (in any direction!) and set continuity to 0 (Position).
Rhino should really accept a curve just give it 0 continuity… :man_facepalming:

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Another workaround that may be quite useful. This is an old script from @pascal and it works on SubD points.

Extrude like you did in your example, but rather than matching points one by one, select all SubD points and run the AlignGripsCrv command.

AlignGripsCrv - sucks selected grips onto a curve (1.4 KB)


@cairn - My guess is this is possible and possibly even easy. (guess!) Would selecting two curves result in a degree 1 ‘loft’, then? That is what I’d expect- just making sure that would be the desired result…


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I suspect this TSplines MATCH feature is what you might be referring to @dusancv ? The tool will match to a curve, as you’ve shown, or a surface. Some methodology to do this is critical for integrating NURBS surfaces with SubDs.

PULL is another very useful feature when mixing NURBS and SubDs (not converting NURBS to SubD) especially when the NURBS are used as a guide surface for SubD creation.


Hey @ec2638 Yes, that’s exactly the option I was referring to! I agree as well on the Pull would be very useful in this case as well.

Hey @Mark_Landsaat Thanks for sharing that. It actually does the job pretty well!

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that’s what I would expect also… :+1:

Using a target crv in BlendSrf for G0 would be very nice. This is something VSR always had.

It does, doesn’t it. I have been using this quite often in my exploring the new Subd functionality.

Hey @dusancv, I am coming a bit late to the party, but I come with good news! We just released a new TestSubDEdgeMatch command in Rhino 8 WIP that should be able to help you match the boundary of the SubD to a curve or a surface boundary. Check out this topic for a lot more detail about how the command works: TestSubDEdgeMatch: A new command to match SubDs to other Rhino objects

And here is a video to see the test command in action :slight_smile:


Christmas came early!
That is great news Rafael!
Thanks so much for doing this.
I’ll test it out soon and report back if I encounter any problems or bugs.
That is exactly the feature that I was referring to. Great work!

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This is great to hear, @dusancv! We hope you find TestSubDEdgeMatch useful in your work.

Nice! Is this a step in the direction of using subd for a ultrasmooth patch command? :smiley: I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

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I agree. This is nice and an important step.

Yet, get ready for all the imperfect zebras’ bashing :dizzy_face: :zebra:

@theoutside, is this considered Class-A?

Have a great weekend everyone! :dash:


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