Subd issue

When I try to use any of the sub d tools, it automatically opens de selection filter and shows the correct selection for the tool, but the tool wont work.
What should i do?

Dear Silivia
Did you try a full restart (windows + rhino?)
Did you manage to follow some of the nice video tutorials:

did you try
_selectionFilter → None before calling any other command ?

maybe post a screenshot or screencapture and
→ copy or save/upload content to this topic

hope this helps to narrow the problem or even solves it.
kind regards -tom

thank yo for the sugestions, its still doesn’t work. When I select none for selection filter and the the tool it goes back t the former selection filter

Hi Silvia -

Could you explain, step-by-step, what you are doing, perhaps with a screenshot of your set-up? Also, please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.