SubD is amazing technology, but

Hi, look this, please. I am very grateful to all the developers but

Pipes.3dm (105.8 KB)
Check it out

Hi @Modeler3D
Thanks for the feedback.
There is a known issue for pipes when the combination of small angle/short segment length/large radius does not allow room for the vertices of the node to be positioned in the normal way

We do hope to improve the range of geometry this can handle, but I’m not even sure exactly what a ‘correct’ solution would look like for the cases you show in your video where you have one line branching off another, and the end of the branch is less than twice the pipe radius away from the other.

Can you manually model the SubD result you’d hope to get here?


I got it, thanks! I can only wish you good luck :wink:
And I will try something else, yes!

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