SubD in V6

Hi Pascal
I managed to make this shape on V7 WIP following a tutorial video, I saved it as V7 WIP and V6, but when I opened it with V6, I cannot transform, or Contour , or anything else. If I click on Contour for example, I am not able to select the form at all. I also duplicated the piece in Shade mode and the duplicate came out as wireframe and not able to return to shade.

eigth form.3dm (1.2 MB)

Hi Marcel - the SubD object can exist in V6 but very few commands support SubD in V6.


Getting very frustrated. I brought a piece into V6 and cannot select it by any means. the V6 does not respond at all when importing a V7 WIP piece.I can save it as a V7 and as a V6 but when in V6, it shows it but cannot be selected at all. Is that intentional until the final V7 is distributed?

Hi Marcel - you should be able to select it - I can here - but again, not very many commands will recognize a subD in V6 - this is a V7 feature.