Subd how to repair an imperfection

i created this in subd, export as step, import into Alibre and when i try to do a boolean subtract, it fails. then when i inspect the part i get this error

the place i need to repair is here:

what would you suggest?
webtest.3dm (1.3 MB)

i also tried converting to a nurbs, export and still same result, boolean subtract fails.

The imperfections are caused by some extra control points. I deleted them and changed the topology.

webtest.3dm (1.1 MB)

thanks, i tried deleting points, guess never the right ones,

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Stitch can be useful in this case too to merge two vertices…


thanks, i had better luck with the deleting the points. i tried the stitch on a couple of points and imported into Alibre, no errors but still would not boolean subtract. the other works great for me. i didn’t spend a lot of time on the stitch.

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