SubD Gumball extrude handle only visible on one side

I’m not sure if it was like this for some time or not but it is the same in Rhino 7 and WIP.

I’d like to have extrude handles no matter if I’m editing the primary side of the refelction or the ?secondary? side…

same thing in v7.

the logic is, you are reflecting one side to the other. all the input has to come from that same side. You cannot extrude (add new geometry) to the reflected side, because it technically does not exist. The reflection goes in one way only.

You can edit geometry that already exists, but you cannot make new geometry on the reflected side in the current implementation of reflect.

It’s a pitty. And I know we’ve talked about this before.

Topological changes should be possible on both sides.

Then why is it possible to move faces / edges / vertices of the reflected side?

If I remember correctly there was no such limitation in T-Splines.

I agree it’s a limitation at the moment.

you can move faces etc, because the geometry exists and can be cross referenced to the parent side.

you can’t create geometry from the child side, because (at least how I understand it) it does not exist on the parent side and there is nothing to reference. In order to do what you are asking, reflect would have to dynamically swap the parent/child side and then keep track of what came from where, essentially creating inception level reflections within the reflection…

@dalelear would be able to share some more detail on this, or comment on the possibility of altering the current behavior.