SubD fuse in ghpython

Hello i am searching “Subd fuse” in python .
I don’t find it inside “ghpythonlib.components”.

I want to use it to fuse multiple subds at the same time.


How about NodeInCode?

thanks i found it:
print rh.NodeInCode.Components.NodeInCodeFunctions.Kangaroo2Component_SubDFuse

so i can find it inside kangarro2components:


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Here are the final scripts if you want to fuse multiple objects:
subd fuse (1012.2 KB)

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hey, bro! it’s excellent, but when i try to bake it, it doesn’t work, i dont know why

Hello , Did you try to bake directly the pyhton components?
In the exemple file i didn’t had problems.
If you have an exemple file i can take a look at it.

still not work…, I can see the preview geometry but can’t bake them, same situation for example file (248.9 KB)

hey, bro, I bake them with elefront sucessfully!

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Nice .