SubD from a mesh cube error if Nurbs is output

Did a simple test to check out how SubD Nurbs are working out:

This is the problem that the developer is aware of…

btw, do you know what that output=sub-d means? I was hoping the option could give me a clean nurbs object… but someone said that the output=sub-d is a mesh object…I’m confused…

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sub-d is short for sub division surface which is a “dynamic” mesh where you can set the refinement.

Some more info from wikipedia:

First three steps of Catmull–Clark subdivision of a cube with subdivision surface below

so what is the different between output=mesh and out=sub-d? isn’t result the same?

currently, there are three output types. I found that output=nurbs isn’t helpful at all simply because there is no way I can do paneling work and use of grasshopper. I’m looking for a command similar to tsConvertToRhinosurf. And I thought output=sub-d could do this…

Sub-D is a new object type in Rhino, neither mesh nor nurbs.

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