SubD filter [buttons] changes aborting running command

There’s an issue I find with the way the SubD filters buttons interact with other running commands.

  1. start a command that has a dialog/options and require a selection.
  2. at the selection stage you realise you are currently on the wrong filter.
  3. you click on the required filter [or the None]
  4. But now your running command is aborted and you need to start it all over.

I hope this is not too difficult to adjust, to make filter changes not aborting a running command.

  • don’t know if this is an issue also on Windows, it is like this currently on the Mac.

thanks a lot

which commands are you seeing this in? All, some?

for example if you
1)draw a subD sphere.
2)select the face filter.
3)invoke dup edge - but now you can’t select an edge to dup as requested in the dialogue.
so You go and 4) click on the edge filter, it blinks but won’t budge…
5) now you need to close the dup edge dialogue in order to change the filter.
and only then 6) restart the dup edge command and select the require edge …
the thing is that it is not practical to expect user to remember upfront to switch to the correct filter a command dialogue will require.
*how many other commands has the same issue…? no idea. I assume it’s about the dialogue requiring a selection, and not an issue with a particular command…

thanks a lot

got it- thanks! will investigate and write up a bug-

Will there be typed filters introduced? Maybe that could help this too. Like the crv etc. filter for some standard Rhino commands.

you can alias all the filters already- I have mine set up to do so already. I included my alias file for your reference.

open in note pad if you just want to look at it, import it tools>options>aliases if you want to use it.

kyle Alias file.txt (1.1 KB)

@theoutside I just meant as a way to override this behaviour. It certainly does some odd stuff. The vertices filter seems to kill the command too.

s1 and s2 will always be reserved for Sweeps in my book :wink:

got it- will test here and write up bugs as needed- but to be fair, if you have a face filter selected and need to select an edge but can’t that would be expected behaviour…

Would you prefer that tools that have specific input requests to ignore filters?

hi Kyle
the issues not that

the is of course expected and correct.
what I was pointing to, is that one does not necessarily set the correct filter before calling a command. so the request is to have the ability to change filter [to the currently needed type] while entering input in a command dialogue. Not having to abort the command in order to set the filters.

thanks a lot

ahh- got it-

Does everything seem to work properly?

Hi thanks checking that.
But this post is about the filter buttons [and on a Mac]
Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 13.27.05
*on the Mac it is also possible to change Filters mid command Via the selection Panel But not with these new buttons.

With best regards

checked, WIN - works.