subD Extrude. why doesn't it create a solid?

This could be user error I think …
But if I take a subD surface and use the extrude dot on the gumball to extrude the surface it effectively creates a ‘box without a lid’ (see below surface and resultant extrusion)
Why is this ? I would have expected it to just create a ‘closed box’ ?

The workaround I use is to copy and paste the source surface / extrude then select the ‘spare’ surface and join to the extruded surface… to create a closed box.

I think, You have extruded Edges, but for solid extrusion you need selected faces :wink:

Well as I said I just click on the extrude ‘dot’ on the gumball…
So basically I have to use the command line and select solid I suppose…

EDIT : no, there is no ‘SOLID’ option on the command line either.

I can often use cap… but was just surprised there is no option to create a solid

No, that’s not it. I am clicking on the surface

AYAYJAJ, You are right I am wrong, soooorry.
Try command _OffsetSubD with option Solid=Yes (Creates solid with creases)
Or, after extrusion use command _Fill

Ah thanks yes, I’d not really used _OffsetSubD in that way. Good idea.

edit : in this particular example _Fill just creates a mess, no matter what options I select !!
_Cap does work… but it breaks the symmetry of the subD object (i.e. the ‘top’ face doesn’t match the ‘bottom’ face)

Ok, other way, copy subd and move it to wanted distance then use command _Bridge

can happen depending on structure

yes, sure… there are a few ways to do it.
They’re all less efficient than the equivelant NURBS extrude which just creates the solid (in a single mouse click/drag movement)

Thinking about it I wonder whether it is because extrude is used more in the ‘subD world’ for extending existing subdD solids from selected faces… in which instance creating aa additional solid (rather than just extending the existing) wouldn’t be desirable.

I also hope it can have an option to become a solid. For example, the extrusion of mesh is solid

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