SubD Edges issue

I wanted to play around with a SubD and its edge indices in Grasshopper.

Once an edge of a referenced SubD is moved, the SubDEdges component goes red. Same thing happens when the whole SubD is moved just with Grasshopper components, unless the factor of the transformation is 0. (15.7 KB)

yes, happens here too. Seems like a refresh issue. If I place a subd component and a datadam in between it works as expected:


Hm - here SubDEdges is red no matter what…

“1. Solution exception:Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”


@pascal for me it only worked when the subd component was set to be visible. If I hide the geometry or remove that component or the datadam it turns red when moving the slider.

Hi Gijs - I just blindly hooked up a SubD to a SubDEdges compment - in a brand new GH and the thing has no output - fire-engine red… looks wrong to me, I’ll make a YT item and David can set me straight if I am doing it all wrong…