SubD developer?


What do I need to do to access the SubD routine? I have BETA, amI supposed to be on a WIP build?
(ie: they dont show in VS’17 using the R6 template)


I get an error “SubD inaccessible due to its protection level” when I try paste any commands into VS’17.

do I have the wrong rhinocommon dll?


The SubD classes in the SDK are intentionally not available. We are not at a point where we are comfortable yet releasing any SubD access in the SDK.

Ahhh… bummer… OK, is there a list of the hidden SubD commands (assuming tehre are some like Quadball etc which are listed in the SDK?)

All SubD commands are listed in Dale Lear’s status document that is linked to here:

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kinda cheating my way around it for now… but… just cuz i can make it, does NOT make me a designer :wink:

Hey, wondering if the SubD classes are still inaccessible! Any updates or a timeline on this?

SubD classes are available in RhinoCommon

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Thanks for the link, I did see the documentation but am getting a CS0122 error: 'SubD' is inaccessible due to its protection level

Hi @claire1,

I assume you are not using Rhino 7?

– Dale

Ah yes, thought I updated the package version but it was still on 6 :sweat_smile: