SubD: Corner issues

I notice this situation where I have several creased edges and the continuity of the smooth ones is quite strange, producing bad corners.

Seems like some edges are not tangent to the right ones.

Or am I doing something wrong ?

Is it possible to have edit points and control points for those curves ?

Without a file it will be difficult to help you…

These are common, generic situations. If you have a loft and a few creases you’ll get to the problem.

Still a file would make it easier to have a look at it.
If it is a bug it will be much easier to understand what is going on for McNeel too.

It’s not a bug, just extra stuff to implement if possible…

(Sigh) So why not uploud a file and make it easier for others to understand your problem?

One issue that might be in play here is:

If there are 3 or more crease edges ending at a vertex, then that vertex must be a “corner” vertex. There are a few situations where a corner vertex is useful, but in general they are a pox on the surface of the model and best avoided if at all possible. When you encounter a “3-crease corner” situation, you may wish to try using the Rhino RemoveCrease command to reduce the number of incident creases to 2.