SubD command option improvements - feature request

Dear Mc Neel - hope it is ok, to start a new topic, some of the sub-D topics got very long… don t no where to append

the last days i worked a lot with Sub-D - for example on this ceramic object.
I would suggest a few simple sub-D improvements - mostly regarding the interface / option:

does not work for me in an intuitive way. Should work with selecting an entire Sub-D object, or some sub-selection.

selecting multiple edges or faces - it would be really great to have a normal / tangent option:

in the front: tangent
in the back: normal


in combination with solid-option - it would be very helpful to have an option “number of edge faces”.
the screenshot shows a sub-D and offset with 1, 2, 3 “edge faces”.

repeatable percentage-Value. it is nice to be able to enter 0.5 to get an Edge in the middle of the Face - but it would be great to be able to repeat this value, next time the command is activated. similar to the _offset (curve) command.

any chance to adapt the analysing mesh ? this does not work for me.

wish: _SplitDisjoint and _unJoinEdge

after deleting a stripe of faces (selected in screenshot) the result is geometrically two objects - _splitDisJointMeshes should work for both, sub-D and mesh.
Similar an _unjoinSubDEdge should work or would be great.

generell - Naming
Sub-D as command or option ?
offsetSubD or SubDoffset ?
maybe i did not get it - but I do not understand the naming-convention. Some of the commands start with _subD, some have the SubD at the end _offsetSubD and some commands have subD as option… would be great to have a standardised naming-concept.
_SubDBox, _extrudeSubD, _insertEdge

anyhow, i love this new feature, looking forward to see it fully developed.
great work.

best Tom

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Hi, Tom,

Thank you for the detailed list. It’s been on my todo list all week to carefully address each of your remarks, but I’ve been distracted with other SubD bug fixing. I will try to provide a thoughtful reply on Monday, May 11.

– Dale Lear