SubD Bug list

First of all, thank you very much for bringing back the organic modeling feature just like T-Splines. That is one of the greatest things you have ever done after inventing the Nurbs modeling. I really appreciate that.
However, excuse me if it is my fault that I could not use it properly. As 11 years of Rhino3D customer, I like to see it in perfection.

  1. Convert a simple Nurbs Box Polysruface to SubD
    It is a weird alpha symbol SubD surface inside the box!
  2. While the SubD surface keeps dragging, press Tab to create duplicate not always working!
  3. Selected these two SubD surfaces Not edges. But the single Duplicated face appeared to be selected Edges.
  4. In bridging two faces or edges not always resulting in success.
    These settings in Face selections seem successful.

But when Join selected results nothing! The error message: “Bridged mesh could not be added to document”

However, If create the bridge without the join parameter, it is successfully joining after in a separate rhino surface joining command.
5. Polar or Axial, parametrically symmetry feature is necessary for closed-loop open surface edge selection, not in axis mode! Therefore, polar symmetry could also possible just like T-Splines does in the past. ( Excuse me if it already exists in the package).
6. Is there any Practical shortcut to reach extrude or append edge or surface in SubD?

Kind Regards

ToSubD takes a surface or mesh - an extrusion is a little peculiar since it is neither. You’ll see that if you Explode/Join your box, ToSubD will not even take it as input. I don’t inow if extrusions can be filtered sufficiently not to accept things that would produce weird results. Best to make a mesh and ToSubD that.


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Thank you.