SubD Bevel Vertices and Mirror

Hello there does anyone know how Rhino SubD can make bevel vertices and mirror (with merging ability) like that in Maya?

Thank you so much !



I’m pretty sure that’s not possible yet.

You can use Reflect (SubD > Symmetry > Reflect) for that. When you’re done modelling, you can use RemoveSymmetry and the original and mirrored parts will be automatically joined and welded.

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Do you have an example of what you mean by SubD bevel vertices? All i can find on Maya’s Bevel acts on SubD edges, the same way that Rhino’s SubD _Bevel command works.

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Thank you I will try that !!

Here’s an example:

The middle vertex that has 4 adjacent faces gets bevelled, and a new quad face is thus created.

The adjacent faces become ngons.

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Hello Pierre yes I have attached 2 images

( image credit: Marianna cabugueira of Zaha Hadids)

In the image with red marks, the circled areas ( among the rest ) are done by beveling vertices which kind of makes a vertex splits itself up like chamfering.
A value of 0-1 can be set in Maya ( I think 1 is the max distance by ratio)

Is there a way to achieve this kind of result in SubD? Honestly I would stick to SubD if I can.

In the second image without the red marks ( credit: Design Morphine) this was also done in Maya but I am not sure by which technique but it would be nice to know again, if this sort of surfaces can be achieved in SubD.

Thanks !


Thanks that’s what I am looking for, which command did you used? I have just put up a image to Mr Pierre showing the results I would like to achieve via SubD.


This is tracked internally here: RH-46804 Bevel: by vertex selection.


I see does that mean it will be available in future ? Thanks