SUBD: another workflow issue


Is it possible that you make some kind of visual difference between the different wireframe objects of a subd.

I don’t even know how to call this. The non-smooth form of a subd. It has its own faces and edges. And the edges are visible when the subd is shown in wireframe mode.

I understand the thicker curves are creases the thicker lines are the edges of the non-smooth form. Could you please make them differentiate easier visually. Either slightly different color or different linetype, but it is becoming difficult to work with at times.


any of this help?

Yeah, I saw that, but you can set it for all SUBDs to look the same, or for it to match the color of the object. If you have many SUBDs on screen it’s still quite messy.

you have it use objects color, and change the width, then assign your different subds to different layers?

that I don’t want to

See, I can’t say I have a “workflow” with subd yet, as I still begin to try incorporate it in my work but I don’t start with a primitive subd object and start pulling it. I start with a surface(s), convert them edit the resulting subd and then merge them sequentially into a single subd object. For that I don’t want them in separate layers.

you can also assign it’s object color without layering