SubD - AlignToCurve

I want to align a curved SubD edge to another curved line.
How can I do this?

I can’t do it without a complicated workaround. It must be possible to attach the SubD edge to the red curve in a simple way.
And the best thing would be if I change the red curve afterwards and the SubD edge adjusts with it. (History, the topic has already been addressed once)

In the image sequence you can see which edge is to be attached to the red line.

The last picture shows the result to be achieved. How can I achieve this as simply as possible?

Thanks for your help

Test SubD AlignToCurve.3dm (56.0 KB)

You can use the flow command to do this.

Use _DupEdge to extract the edges between the points you want to move to a new curve.

Then _SelControlPoints and finally _Flow

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there is your older topic about nearly the same issue.

@wim or somebody else of mcneel - maybe merge the topics ?

kind regards -tom

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Thank you for your answer,

That is currently the best workaround, but totally annoying when you always have small adjustments. You have to create a line for every change.

You’re right, it’s basically the same problem and issue. Yes it can be merged.
But it’s just still an annoying factor that could be fixed by a simple tool. I hope this tool is on the agenda for the next version.

Hello @nik! Here is another take on matching a SubD to a curve in your example using TestSubDEdgeMatch, a new test command available in the latest release Rhino 8 WIP.

Check out this thread for more details: TestSubDEdgeMatch: A new command to match SubDs to other Rhino objects. Try it out and please let us know what you think!

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