subD adding a loop of faces

I can’t work out if there is a tool to do this or not, but I think not.
I want to add a set of face loops inside this:

So it is like this

I use a very ghetto way to do this that is to extrude the edges up, scale them in on x+y, then move them down in Z.

What is a faster and more efficient and cleaner way to do this? Can a tool be added that does it in one go? I can do it in Blender by pressing scale to get a new loop of faces inside.

If I hold alt+shift scale to try to add a new set of edges and keep it circular then it creates a curve for some reason. Can you make it so alt+shift scale dragging adds a new set of faces?

ctrl+shift +double click to get your edge selected, then release everything (edge is selected)

then drag a scale handle, then add shift, then add ctrl and while dragging. (a little finger jiujitsu happening here)

that will scale AND extrude faces.

similarly if you drag a translate handle and hold ctrl while doing so, it will extrude the edge.

see this video


This is not what I wanted to do. Every time you post a video reply to me it isn’t at all doing what I ask for. :man_facepalming:

Yeah this works. Shift scale then add CTR. It would be nice if a command could be added which specifcally did this as I like typing commands and not doing finger ninjitsu though.

Oh, sorry, I answered that question of yours so that you wouldn’t suffer again. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, the way you do it moves an edge loop I need to remain in position. It is not a solution. The solution is as above.

you can ExtrudeSubD, but the gumball method is more flexible and IMO more useful since you can relocate the gumball and get more direct results, scale to zero to flatten etc, etc…

How can you do it with ExtrudeSubD?

you’d have to extrude then translate/ scale… that’s why I like gumball better, you can do both at the same time.

Yes, that is what I was saying is my ghetto approach before I learned the gumball way. It isn’t too annoying to do with the gumball so I will use this but it needs its own name I think.

problem is it’s actually two commands happening. you need extrude and scale.

gumball is actually the only way to do this all in one shot.

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