Sub selecting a solid that is now unioned .nothing in Lvl 1 or 2


How does one select a solid that has been unioned. I need to move it into the other object its unioned with. then ‘let go’ and its still unioned.

If I explode it, I then have to join its surfaces together, also those of all the other parts, then do the move, then do the union again.
Seems sensible to sub-select it and move it.

I have searched on sub selecting, sub selection, selecting, in LVL 1 and 2, found nothing.



That isn’t possible with native Rhino tools.
I’m pretty sure you could do that with a Grasshopper definition.

You might be able to sub-select some or all the individual faces of your former solid and move them. It might need a couple of different moves on different sets of faces to achieve what you want. Whether any of that will succeed or not will depend on the types of faces your model has. If they are all planar, you will have the best chance of success.

its simple box shapes, pity then there is no command to see what was a box, and allow its selection despite its been unioned.

I would have thought such would be very useful. I am sure I am not alone in wishing to move something I unioned.

ctrl and shift etc to select bits,oh well…

oh dear trying that I cannot get to the last face, and moving it pulls the other surfaces, quite creative in some ways !

Time for some tnt or C4 !

Tip…clone the objects before union, and store safely.


The fundamental disconnect is the “Box” is not a single low-level Rhino object.
If it’s a Polysurface, the underlying basic parts are the 6 surfaces that are joined to make the box.
If it’s a lightweight extrusion it’s something else.

Depending on the specific shape, using SolPtOn and moving the corner points might be useful.
Additionally solid editing tools like MoveEdge and MoveFace might be useful.

Yes, Steve, from your description, MoveFace will work or sub-select that face and use the regular Move command.