Sub-object selection in Parallels

Just starting with Rhino and following through Getting Started video.
I am using V5 on a MacBook using parallels. So my Rhino installation is on Windows 7.
When I try to do a sub-object selection on my water bottle as the video shows using control-shift, nothing is selected. I’ve tried all combinations (fn-shift, command-shift, etc) but nothing works. Seems like an important tool and I would appreciate any suggestions.


This is one of the reasons Parallels and other Windows Virtualization schemes are not supported.
I’m sorry you missed that on the Rhino V5 System Requirements.

Use the Bootcamp Assistant in your Applications - Utility folder to partition your drive, install Windows, get it updated, install an anti-virus tool (I like MS Security essentials), and install Rhino for Windows.
It will run well (provided your Mac does not have only the embedded Intel HD graphics chip), and you’ll have a dual boot OSX/Windows system.

Thanks John. I’ll do that.

Solution to the sub-select problems:

(i know this is a long dead thread, but…)