Sub Object Material Assignments - Cylces


First want to say thank you very much for the sub object material assignments!! Im already loving it!! I just went to test Rhino Cycles with it and my polysurface with sub materials rendered with the layer material and not sub materials. However, it worked perfectly perfectly fine in Rhino Renderer.

Just wanted to bring it to your attention


Thanks for the report… filed as

@BrianJ I just found an additional one for you. After sub selecting the surfaces I want to apply a material to I can not create a new one. I have to create the material prior to selecting sub geometry

I’m not seeing this here using the latest botd (build of the day). I sub select geometry and then click the + in the materials panel to create a new material. Are you doing it another way?

I was doing it via the properties panel and clicking add material. I just realized now that it says add BLANK material so I falsely reported to you, sorry about that. It would be nice if I could add a new material via the properties panel and customize it there after I select the geo/sub geo if say I forgot to create it while in the materials panel.

Are you saying you’d want there to only be a + in properties so you have to select a material type after clicking it? Right now, the add blank material option gives you a plaster one which saves a click or two but I suppose if you wanted metal you’d need to make it first in the Materials panel and then pick it from the drop down list in properties. Let me know if I’m understanding correctly…

You are understanding correctly. I would rather hit enter once or twice if I do not need to customize the material. I could be wrong but I think most users would like to customize it in the properties panel rather than make a generic one and customize it later or think they need to create the material first and then re-select the geometry to apply the material to

Thanks, I agree that makes sense if you use Object Properties for material assignment. I added this as