Sub D/Polysurface to Single Surface

I’m trying to get sub-D geometry translated into single surfaces for easy panelization. This is more of a polysurface question than a sub-D question, but I cannot find a simple and straightforward way to convert a polysurface to a single surface. Is there a “merge tangent seams” command or something that I’m missing? The video below shows what I’m looking for (NURBS sphere as example geometry, easily panelized in Lunchbox) but with a polysurface or sub-d as source geometry instead. I understand that there are a handful of multi-step workarounds, but in my case I’m more interested in a simpler process than an accurate result.

3 April, 2020 - Loom Recording — Watch Video

Just saw your post. You probably already got your answer.
Did you try MergeSrf command?