Sub-d Points

I’ve been working with new Sub-d tools and came across this, wondering if there’s a solution. I managed to insert points that are in the wrong direction – I see there’s a tool for adding points to Sub-d and was able to add in a correct direction (green). Am I missing something obvious for removing points (red) and/or flipping direction that’s not global?


Hmm - I do not see what happened there; can you post an example?


Hi Cal-

Here’s where I’m at with a sub-d project. I know I can rebuild it, just wondering if there’s a different way to fix the different vertex directions.



The red and green circles below show different directions – I was inserting points to sub-d – there should be a corresponding “remove points to sub-d or mesh” tool – yes/no?

Hi Jim I understand, but, so far I cannot make a vertex flip, so I am missing a part of the process - I was hoping you could send an example with that case already in place, so to speak…


I was adding points to a primitve and somehow ended up with vertex going in two directions. I just tried to duplicate it and was unable to do it – it’s working correctly right now.

I guess the short answer is I’ll need to redo it.

Sorry, do you want parts to look at?

Hi Cal-

Here’s a part. Scale is way off – it’s big for a part of spoon handle.



SUB_D_WIP_JVM.3dm (5.3 MB)

looks like you may have 2 verts stacked… try stitching them.

Hi Jim - thanks, I see… thanks for the example - I will ask a better sub-deist than me to have a look…
@BrianJ , @theoutside - is this something you have run into?

Oh - hi Kyle - I tried that (stitch) and got nothing …


just looked at your model… you have tons of stacked verts… drag select over some intersections then look at the command line-
each of these is doubled up and needs to be stitched.

Thanks Kyle and Cal.

I managed to stitch what I thought were problem areas, resulting in this. Still, I noticed e a couple of points that go in the opposite direction, but it doesn’t seem to matter when offset the sub-d.

Hi Kyle…further to your point about selecting intersections, I just selected a few intersections – properties command doesn’t allow to look at details. Is there another way to look at intersections that identifies problems, I’m missing something.


Here’s a quick updated version…offset sub-d and then extruded.

Quite a new tool!



you can use the reflect command for symmetry

SUB_D_WIP_JVM.3dm (5.4 MB)

this is what’s going on when you overlap the point

Hey Vikthor, that’s even better. How were you able to split the open sub-d to allow for symmetry, or did you do something different?


Thanks again vikthor, I figured it out. Deleted faces on left side, adjusted points along the x axis and reflected.

So when seeing points overlapping that’s just a manual point adjustment to clear it up?

I’m not sure, but this was the method that I used

this is not right together
I think it is not the right way to leave this without weld

you are correct, you would want that all stitched-

Not up to speed on jargon. Is stitch and weld the same? I see weld as a term for meshes.

stitch is what you’d use to stick two points or edges together in a subd

weld works only on polygon meshes, and yes we know that’s confusing and are working towards making it less so, but this is where we are right now.

i need this for grasshopper