Sub-D Nonsense Combination Icecube-Tray / Seaplane : )

I really messed up my knee. I need something to take my mind off of it.

Why not a combination Seaplane / Icecube tray? Well, at least I am having fun, and getting a little Sub-D practice. LOL! Perhaps it needs some poptarts and rainbows, like NayanCat.

I uploaded, the file if anyone wants to add something to it, but please post a screenie, and upload the, gulp, result.

Seaplane - Egg Tray.3dm (153.9 KB)


Fun that the file with the icecube tray is called egg tray (:

Anyway, just enabled the Thickness modifier, then added a Physically Based material with light blue base color, light pinkish SSS color and some other tweaks in that material:

Seaplane - Egg Tray_jK.3dm (1.1 MB)


LOL! Nathan, I like it!

Still, I am worried that it’s not yet complicated enough.

hm reminds me of a water plane, while the wavy egg ice cube trays are of course the water. how´s your knee?

edit: ups just read that its actually written in the title :smiley:

A seaplane needs water. And out there in the ocean, you might just spot a mermaid…

Seaplane - Egg Tray_jK 002.3dm (2.0 MB)


I like the improvements to the mermaid / ice-cube tray / seaplane, with rendering materials : )

[Last month, I took a 1-foot step off of the back of 2-foot stool. I was getting a room ready to paint. There were two things to stand on, given the height. When was tired, I thought I was standing on the shorter one, but as I stepped off and dropped an extra foot to the floor, I realized I was on the taller one. I am aggravating it by exercising, but I need to stay healthy otherwise. Thanks for asking.]