Sub-D components

I’m trying to use GH to edit an existing sub-D object, namely, to deform it to more closely match a scanned mesh.
While there is a component to extract all the constituents of a referenced sub-D object, I can find no path to re- construct a Sub-D based on the said constituents after they have been altered, as one would do with meshes.

You can cast it to a mesh and modify it with mesh tools then cast it back to a subD. Is that what you mean? Both casts can be done with the appropriate hexagonal parameter nodes. Since the control vertices don’t lie on the limit surface I’m not sure how you’ll make them match though

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Should do the trick


I just posted a file for a 4-sided mesh / SubD quad remesh… Pretty much the same deconstruction, pull, construct approach like @gkirdeikis suggested

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I plan to measure the projection of the control vertice and find a suitable factor for the translation vector.
But yeah, I understand how that is not ideal.
Here is a case of an operation that can be done by hand (moving edit points) which can not be automated.

Thanks to you and Martin.
Yet, as I understand, the “Crease” and “Corner” options apply to all the naked edges / corners of the input Mesh.
In my case (sculpture), the mesh is closed, but there are interior creases.
If I lose this information, the whole process is not worth it.

Creases are added on unwelded edges.

Try this
subd edit (111.8 KB)


Yep, but isn’t that information lost during the conversion to mesh of the initial subD’s lattice ?

I’m not sure at this point…

Hey ! I had overlooked your post… it’s awesome ! It just works !
I just replaced the target surface by a target mesh, and voilà !

Thank you so much Riccardo. I think this is quite a valuable little tool for reverse-engineering.