Sub-D Beetle Watercolor

Hi guys, here is a fun, tweaked watercolored filter added in photoshop to a simple render of the sub-D modeled 1966 Beetle. We use these kinds of tweaks every now and then for landscape sketches, to add a bit of texture and abstraction to avoid detail-discussions on concepts.

And here is the input:


We have incredibly powerful and realistic renderers and we try to make the output look like a painting.

I have this picture of a Jaguar D-type on my wall. It was produced by the talented artist, John Francis, who could make a painting look like a render, before the renderer was invented…


An excellent and professional work!

Did you design it part by part?

Did you use a pattern with accurate dimensions?

May you explain the stages of the 3D modeling in subD?

It is a nice and complicated work, as well :slight_smile:

I used blueprints and reference photos.
You can see more of it here:

And part of the build here:


It is a masterwork!

Thank you for the enlightening :slight_smile:

How did you create the headlight glass view as it shows the reflector? Was it done in one stage and just in Rhino, or did you use another software for this purpose later?

Hi, jeremy5

The car modeling itself is perfect, and the reflection on the body is excellent, but why didn’t you use lighter colors. This model of Ferrari with a metallic light blue color existed; why didn’t you use the color and a dark yellow color you used for the background? In my opinion, these reduce the beauty of the work.

Thank you, I did it to learn the benefits and limitations of Sub-D so therefore everything is done in Rhino and in Sub-D. I would have mixed Sub-D and nurbs if this was a project where surface fidelity was key. Headlight glass has a custom bumpmap added to it to give the illusion of vertical stripes.

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Hi Sciensman,

I’m not sure if you meant your post to be addressed to me? were you talking about a different image, in another thread? I posted a photo of a painting, not a render, I’m not the artist and the car is not a Ferrari…



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That is great! care to share your filter settings?

there is a phone filter called waterlogue. that gives similar results, but I like this version better-

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Excuse me

I have to confess, I didn’t read your post and only paid attention to the picture and supposed it was a Ferrari. I also assumed it was one of your works In Rhino. The Volkswagen of Holo and his realistic work caused me to think that the British car, Jaguar was a 3D work, as well.

Nevertheless, both the cars were similar at that time, though the next models of Jaguar got larger later. I previously always loved three brands of cars; first Benz, second Jaguar, and third Buick. Now, Benz is still the topmost car to me.
Anyhow, I apologize to you for my mistaken

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The plugin is Watercolor FX. Takes a few minutes to process and then another few to tweak etc.


Do you mean that John Francis can draw by freehand? :rofl:

Ooh! I like this! I am a VW owner myself, and though I drive a 1972, I’ve always had an affinity for the 60’s models! Especially '65 through '67.

Thanks for sharing. Your model turned out gorgeous!

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Hi, I am a VW owner myself. I really like the images you’ve shared.
Is there a 3dm of the Bug available?
If so, how can I access it?
I’d like to make it look more like mine.
Here’s my Edit to match the color of my Bug:

With the model, I could take care of the alias issues found when using
The color is a true to life RGB replication of the factory paint my car was given.

Thanks for your post! I really enjoyed the content. The watercolor filter gives a nice representation.



Here’s my Bug! Fresh with new white walls.