Sub-curve selection


I just found V6 to have sub selection of curve segments. However it’s not easy to distinguish this in the selection option dialog:

Maybe add a suffix or pre-fic to distinguish between sub and non-sub objects



I thought the basic idea was to mouse over each of the selections in the dialog and see what lights up in the model.
Not to say that your idea isn’t a great suggestion, though. Maybe the selector doesn’t even know the difference between a curve and a sub curve by the time the object gets to it?

Except when the single curve and the segment are (nearly) identical.


another reason why my wish here of nesting subobjects inside their parent object would make a lot of sense:

Even Better!

Funny, when I click on that link I get this:


Hum… That is weird… works here, and clearly you are already in Serengeti…

@discourse - any idea?


Yeah sorry Mitch, this in filed under the crazy ideas sub-forum. Pragmatics and developers are not allowed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Back to original topic, in a near future WIP curve sub-objects will be listed as “curve segment” when you make an ambiguous selection and the selection menu pops up.

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