Stuttering display

The display is still stuttering, even without any object in my session.

Are you using a 3d mouse? If so, try disabling the plug-in in the plug-in manager and restart Rhino. Does that make any difference with respect to display ‘stuttering’?

Trying to figure out what is different on your system that could be causing this problem. Thanks

I disabled the driver and shut down the plug-in / restarted Rhino.
Still stuttering.

Then I tried to set my Macbook Pro Retina’s screen to native resolution in a wild and desperate move.
In fact, up to now, I had to downgrade the res. so that I could actually see the icons.
The option of scaling the text in the Windows settings gave the impression that the Rhino interface was the result of some kind of genetic mutation gone awefully wrong.

But hey, nice surprise ! With a res. of 2880x1800 and a scaling of 150%, the WIP’s interface looks perfectly normal, and moreover, the stuttering has stopped !

I also opened V5, and it looks good too.

Did Microsoft finaly get their s… straight ? Or did McNeel finally acknowledge the reality of high-def. screens ?

I don’t know, but I’m happy that hardware and software are starting to work together after 3 years of mess.


Thanks for letting me know; there must be some sort of driver issue when running at non-native resolution.

Hi Steve, I reverted back to my former smaller resolution because of issues with my screen capture software.
Then I tested the WIP again, and the stuttering has dissapeared…
In the mean time, I also deleted nasty files brought by the GOPRO studio software, and causing error messages in other software with something about the “waterfall process”…

It could be related to the display issues… or not.

Stuttering display is back.
I can’t find the reason…

Based on your descriptions, this really sound like some other program is causing the problem. I don’t have a good idea on how to diagnose which program is at fault though, sorry.

Hi Steve,

whatever that other program might be, it doesn’t seem to bother V5 at all.
Maybe I should get a computer solely for Rhino…

V5 and V6 are completely different applications and are displaying geometry in completely different ways. Does the stuttering still occur if you switch back to native resolution?

Hi Steve,

The problem seems to be the dual screen setup, and not the resolution.
On my laptop’s screen : no stuttering.
On my 27" LCD monitor : stuttering.

I just updated to Bootcamp 6 on my Win 10 Macbook Pro.
That’s why I opened V6 WIP and checked if the problem was still there.

I must admit I’m not too interested in the WIP, as long as it doesn’t integrate Grasshopper 2.
In fact, GH is the only reason I can see myself still using Rhino in the near future.


Hi Steve, I too had some shuttering. I think it was during a curve building command. I am not in the program now. If it happens again , I’ll be more attentive on what I am doing ans send exactly what I was doing. Thanks, Mark