Stupid Student

Hey there,

is here a grasshopper professional who would like to help a stupid student getting his grade in grasshopper course. Got a nice idea but I can’t make it like I want to.
I would appreciate a Zoom Meeting … Somebody there? :smiley:

Best regards!

that is probably not a every smart approach to get your answers, specifically when you write that its for an exam :wink:

still if you elaborate on what you are trying to achieve, with some sketches or images and even better with an additional grasshopper file with some geometry or some components to get started, maybe somebody is interested.


At least it’s honest! It sounds he is even going to pay. So why not. How many students pass exames by downloading definitions, even claiming being pro… ? 90%?



:smiley: I got you…

No, its not an exam, and I got a good structure for the my project. But there are so many difficulties.
See Attachment… (16.7 KB)
I need a thickness of this elements.

So it should be a roof. And I need a way to get this on the vertical sides as well…

May someone help me

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Maybe I don’t understand, it is easy to extrude these surfaces. As you see the normals are pointing in different directions, you can fix it in the initial geometry or with Flip Plane.

(send message if you want) (21.7 KB)

P.S. The first model worked well when ‘divPts’ was six or four but less so with larger values. Using MidPt in the white group fixes that. (20.6 KB)

Thank you both so much!

It’s amazing how simple it looks, when you do it. My “code” was much longer and with no clear structure. I have to admit, that I do not comprehend every steps you did.

How can I make the structure close the backside of the Pavillon? So there should be a angle of 90 degrees to vertical.

I also have to make a bounding box out of the Pavillons size, so that I can change the structure only in between the “limit” of the frame. May you see the rendering to understand what I want…

Best regards!

I see no thickness or vertical walls in the rendering?

The structure should have a thickness like in this rendering.

The side with the arrows should be closed with the structure. The structure should be limited bei the Frame, so that my parameters only change the design in between the frame.

These statements are in conflict. You want the ellipse-based panel structure on the roof and one wall or all four walls? Or is the wall just flat?

This is clearly so far beyond your abilities that giving you any more would be helping you to cheat.

Okay, thank you. Is it difficult to limit the structure horizontal by the frame? Without walls…

Yes, because it requires calculating the longer ellipse dimension (‘R1’) and the ‘Y Factor’ so that both fit evenly in the available box/frame space, based on the number of repetitions in each direction.


All right.
Thank you!

Still far from complete, yet far more than you had… Don’t cheat! You’ll never get away with it. (28.1 KB)

Thats right.
I would like to understand what I do. If I analyze and comprehend what you did there, I don’t think its cheating. Its learning :slight_smile: I will not do the copy and past thing.

I think that roof has to be enough for my grade :smiley:
Thank you so much for your time!

Of course you will. Don’t lie about the learning process, we’ve all been through it. This isn’t only for you. (27.7 KB)