Stumped - Solid Fillet not Solid in STL

After revisions it looks close but no cigar, when saved as stl this shows the trimmed-to surface as a ghost inside the original edges, not watertight.

They don’t look perfect and see it’s from tiny crevices that don’t go through, and, ones at the surface showing gray aren’t solids in stl either.

When I zoom way in near the top I found crevices and assume why it fades near the base is from a crevice wrapping & getting deeper all the way to the end.

The join is created from trimming as surfaces, then offset-solid the wing, the result has pieces that jut into the barrel not on the surface after offsetting, that’s trimmed & the barrel surface used to cut.

Then, it fillets as a variable surface on the wing and as an edge against the hub.

The wing goes first, it does the entire hub in one fillet chaining 3 sections as a solid & can union before fillets not after right now.

Novice at this, everything is curved, angles & axis change the situation, I noticed tiny crevices & get more defects after rotating, so, this is before the rotate seeing how a filleted wing would do.

It seems very close to working, I seem going in circles & haven’t found the combo … thx for ideas on steps & tools.

Look at the point where the fillet detaches for clues as to why it’s failing. Often it’s a break in tangency of one of the surfaces.

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The tiny crevice near the top got a new trim is why I posted, it had a real gap from a tweak so should have been ok, that made me wonder if step order mattered.

The hub fillet is in pieces so I’ll see if I can get a single select again where it breaks and not have to chain them, the edge down to the trailing edge of the wing does lose tangency so I’ll adjust that to hit with more angle & see if it closes the crevice.

Found join & it worked on the wing so it’s fine now, stoked, join didn’t work on the hub fillet.

It’s not throwing errors for fillet, is there a report on radii or anything that shows where the area is? [edit: Also, is there a visual render to see what will be trimmed, right now I can only see it in wireframe]

thx for the look.

You can tick the preview option in the command line for solid fillets. It will give you a visual indication of whether the fillet is going to fail.

These renders make it really difficult to see what’s going on. You are better off posting close ups of the problem spots in shaded mode with isocurves on and shadows off.

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Got onto preview so using it, trying the settings to better see how much surface edge is inside the barrel.

It changes color from the outside, inside ya’ gotta’ estimate having enough after offsetting so that the away surface edge is within the barrel, pretty sure that’s what causes the crevices and last time I didn’t pull quite enough to offset & trim clean.

I’ve been pulling more while tweaking to get a clean even trim the whole way, will offset & know what to look for now so can undo until it’s good.

That got the crevices and now can use advice on how to finish this junction, haven’t found much yet.

I have to do the hub fillet first a constraint, I’ve tried most settings and this is best-so-far.

This is really turning out primo, Rhino is great for me, intuitive.

If the hub (gray part) and fin (blue part) intersect and boolean-union of the two works, then these steps might work - first use filletedge on the fin, after that, boolean union filleted fin with the hub, then try to fillet the edge between fin and hub.

You are probably going to have to use filletSrf to make the fillets.
FilletEdge command rarely works in situations like this. The nice thing about filletsrf is the parts don’t need to be solid or even intersect. fillet
can be used to bridge the gaps in a model.

Post a model without fillets and instruction on the size of fillets

Going to try raja’s as it does join with one more prep step, just undid some tries using extendsrf & see where I need to join the fillets & the tiny face between them on the fin edge & it may work to extend as one piece & that would do it, the pieces don’t all extend.

If that’s good the fillet against the hub may go after, right now I have to fillet it first, didn’t think of using fillet to fill, nice tip, will keep at it, thx.

A lot closer, I’ll be happy to just trim the radius sticking out, I have used extend=no this is yes, also it’s thickened to test that, has been a surface to here.

I need advice on how to blend that radius into the barrel & wing to nothing, have tried variable srf & regular but don’t know how to end it so it blends; the underside has a tiny radius.

The best try was extend=no & how to blend from that, I found an adjust tool for surfaces but it tied another point so created a peak.


BlendSrf worked, it only created one new curve & finished so have a base to go from, cleaned something so it only offered one curve this time, so cool …

And, found a good way to deal for later from stratosfear on splitting on isocurves [Multi Edge Surface Blend Challenge].

thx o’ ton it’s done! … I didn’t expect to have this quality so fast, the Rhino UI is intuitive for me so have found things & getting 3d more, still pretty scary project for a first printable stl from scratch.

cheers, thx