Studio 3DX - Cloud BIM and GIS Asset Management solution

Parametricos created Studio 3DX, a Cloud BIM and GIS Asset Management solution for architects and engineers to digitally transform their office workflow, for all phases of a building’s life-cycle. From conceptual design to construction and facility management.

With the Studio 3DX, you can securely store and visualize your 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) models which are then geo-coordinated in their context. This solution offers tools for all your team members and clients to analyze the uploaded IFC model and collaborate on your project by creating issues and comments inside the 3D viewer and assign them to the responsible team member. Each project has its own location, as is in real life, but the solution also offers the choice for a different location for each model. This allows for the creation of a large masterplan with several buildings in one project location, all in the cloud.

Parametricos aim is to help professionals collaborate remotely and efficiently.

A few days ago, Parametricos collaborated with VisualARQ: Flexible BIM for Rhino 3D and are offering all its users a 100€ discounted price on the Studio 3DX annual subscription.

They would like to extend this offering to a broader Rhino user audience. Anyone that is interested in their solution can try it out for seven days on Email Marios Messios for the offering.

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Posted Apr 06, 2020 by Cécile Lamborot on Rhino News, etc.