Stuck with an open surface, cant figure how to close it. small gap not closing surface

Hello, doing a model of laundry bottle. I’m trying to make it closed surface and found tha tthe surface on the bottom is open. How can I close this or fix it?

is? There is a small gap around this edge.

Can you upload a .3dm file with the model? You can click on the vertical arrow icon above where you type a post, or drag the file to where you type a post.

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Bottle2.3dm (2.7 MB)

Is the bottom intended to be below the other parts of the bottle as in the file you provided?

There is an overlapped surface in the ring adjacent to the edge.

Also, the render mesh is coarse and causing visual gaps. Options > Document Properties > Mesh Change mesh setting to Smoother and slower or suitable custom settings.

The bottom is attached to the bottle, I just moved it down to show you the piece that im having troubles with

Can I delete the problematic bottom portion and just somehow cap the bottom opening? I just need to make the whole bottle a closed surface.

Ok I joined those 2 edges, so that part is fixed, How can I Cap or close this bottom surface?

If the edge of the hole is planar you can use Cap to close the hole. Alternative is PlanarSrf and then Join.

If the edge of the hole is not planar then you Explode the polysurface or ExtractSrf the surface with the hole, turn on control points, use SetPt to set the control points for the edge to exactly the same value, and then Join the surfaces into a single polysurface.