Stuck on "probably" simple problem

Hi. I have tre organic shapes that wanna combine whit a matching tangency.
but i cant get rid of the “seam” for some reason.

I have used MatchSrf on the sides to match the middle part. but there’s still an edgy transition.

The shape is not that complex so it should be possible to do.

! !

it’s probably something simple, but im stuck on it and needs some fresh eyes. or imput.
SHv2.3dm (3.2 MB)

Hello - yeah, not all that simple - you can get a better Zebra by making the distances between edge and tangent points on the surfaces a consistent proportion - say 1:3 or so - any proportion will do if it is consistent - all along:

SHv2_maybe.3dm (846.9 KB)


Hi Pascal

Thanks for the 1:3 advice, it helps and i will try to remember it for future projects. But on this one I still cant get rid of the seam within a margin that i think will work.

I have tried to model it in SubD. here the model is much more “fluent” but at the cost of some shape precision.

I’m new to SubD so maybe it will give me some other problems later on in the project. But for now it looks promising.
I don’t know might be a wrong approach.